"Guozheng Cheng Cheng Taxation Services Limited" was established in Shenzhen by "Cheng and Cheng Limited (Certified Public Accountants)". We are the first Tax Firm established in the mainland China with investor of Hong Kong.

Our team comprises professionals from Hong Kong and China, which is committed to provide diversified and comprehensive services to clients, including auditing, taxation, accounting, internal control and risk management. We promote the establishment of well-connected relationship between professionals in China and Hong Kong, assist the construction of the Greater Bay Area and create a market-oriented, legalized, and international business environment for development.

We are pleased to provide the following services to you: -

1. Initial set up of corporate tax filing account

  • We assist in initial set up of corporate tax filing portal accounts to facilitate subsequent tax filing and relevant work.

2. Monthly bookkeeping work

For monthly recurring work, our services will include: -

  • Reviewing the accounting documents and the information provided by the Company;
  • Preparing the accounting vouchers in Chinese and English;
  • Preparing the monthly financial including ledgers under PRC’s accounting standards and preparing i) balance sheet, ii) income statement and iii) trail balance for management’s review; and
  • Binding and returning the original vouchers to the Company for record and custody.

3. AIC annual filing

  • We shall assist the Company in handling the annual filing for State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

4. Audit and Assurance Services

  • Statutory auditing, in compliance with accounting standards and legal requirements.

5. Tax compliance

(i) Enterprise Income Tax ("EIT") quarterly filings

  • We shall prepare the quarterly EIT returns and perform the online filling before the due date.

(ii) EIT annual filing

We shall be pleased to perform following EIT annual filing work: -

  • Preparing EIT reconciliation based on the audited financial information and tax adjustments;
  • Preparing the annual EIT return; and
  • Performing the online filing and tax payment.

(iii) VAT and local surcharges monthly/quarterly filings

Monthly filings are applicable to general VAT payer, and our services will include: -

  • Sample checking the transaction information;
  • Performing input VAT invoice verification online;
  • Performing VAT adjustments where applicable;
  • Preparing the VAT and local surcharges returns; and
  • Performing the online filings and tax payment.

Quarterly reports are available for small scale VAT taxpayers, our services will include: -

  • Assisting in the preparation of VAT and local surcharge declaration form and;
  • Performing the online filing and tax payment.

(iv) Issuance/ collection of VAT invoice

  • Assisting the Company to purchase UKEY from the tax authority;
  • Assisting the Company to purchase VAT invoices and issue VAT invoices on tax control equipment on a monthly basis;
  • Assist the Company to submit VAT invoices to the e-tax bureau on a monthly basis and;
  • Collecting VAT invoice from the tax authority.

(v) Acting for other tax declaration and withholding

  • Stamp duty
  • Property tax
  • Urban land tax
  • Deed Tax etc.

(vi) Monthly filing of VAT Exemption Credit and Refund (“ECR”) for export sales

  • Prepare the monthly ECR return with supporting documents and proceed with online filings.

(vii) Individual Income Tax ("IIT”) monthly filing for PRC staff

  • We shall assist the Company to calculate monthly IIT payable for the Company's employee(s) and proceed with online filings on a monthly basis.

(viii) Payroll and social securities services

  • Payroll calculation and reporting in accordance with the PRC IIT law and regulations for social securities and housing fund;
  • Arranging payment of social securities and housing fund to the relevant PRC governmental bodies;

(ix) Other ad-hoc tax advisory services

  • Tax advisory on Regulatory & Legal Support;
  • Reviewing draft service agreements between the Company and the parties from PRC tax perspectives;
  • Providing transfer pricing advisory services;
  • Advisory on proposed business arrangements or equity transactions (e.g. M&A and IPO planning);
  • Entrusted to conduct tax-related compliance review, review the company's tax-related matters, reveal potential errors and drawbacks, and provide suggestions;
  • Participate in the formulation of the company's annual tax plan, improve the internal management system, and establish a risk prevention system;
  • Preparing replies to PRC tax authority upon receipt of tax enquiries or investigations; etc.

(x) Tax Assurance Services

  • Filing the settlement and payment of Enterprise Income Tax;
  • Losses before Levying of Enterprise Income Tax;
  • Pre-tax Deduction of Asset Losses of Enterprises;
  • Land value added tax liquidation;
  • High-tech enterprise certification;
  • Business Logout Tax Registration Tax Clearing;
  • Research and Development Expenses Plus Deduction.