Global Connections



We have joined one of the five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, PrimeGlobal, with global revenue of approximately US$3 billions, on 30 July 2020. Our aim of becoming part of the networking is to develop our business globally and to facilitate our international clients with worldwide connected services they require.

PrimeGlobal is the most diverse association of independent accounting firms in the world, with coverage across 852 locations, spanning 90 countries and 300 members, including Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and North America etc., but not limited to the list below. The full list could be accessed at










 New Zealand




















 United States








PrimeGlobal has excellent global member professional contacts with firms that have a wide range of expertise and jurisdictional experience, which can provide significant expertise and resources to meet our growing client internationally needs. PrimeGlobal’s independent members provide technical assistance in traditional accounting and auditing, tax services, specialized services, and advisory services, which can provide professional services to our clients in foreign countries where they might not be familiar with.

We see unlimited opportunities as more and more corporates and individuals from China are expanding their businesses to the world. PrimeGlobal provides us with a strong platform and further strengthens the relationship with our clients, who enjoy our international professional services while keeping the flexibility of working with one of the largest local CPA firms in Hong Kong.

Apart from PrimeGlobal, we are also associated with some local accounting and law professionals in Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia, and are looking forward to further expanding our business globally with interested professionals.